Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 29, 2022

Waiting on a Well

One of my listings up here has had a well-share with a neighbor for a few years. Owners decided to have a new one drilled so each property will have it’s own.

We were so blessed to have Chad with Acme Well Drilling fit us in. He has drilled quite a few wells on Palomar and so much of the back country. But, Chad won’t drill unless his buddy Dario is there first. Dario brings a fresh willow branch with him and in just a minute finds a place to drill. So fun to watch. Now we’re just waiting on the permit. Then we’ll get Chad back with his rig and see how much water shows up!

Need a well? Connect with Chad at 760-803-4526


  1. Hi Bon,

    Our well in Fallbrook uses all stainless steel pipe and a good German submerged pump. Runs our 250+ tree orchard and abundant landscaping. It undoubtedly helps to have neighbors who flush a lot. 🙂



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