Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 30, 2022

Fun Free Newspaper from the Roadrunner

Yesterday the Valley Center Roadrunner newspaper sent out the following message:

Due to unexpected issues with our printer today, the Roadrunner this week is available for no cost below. We’ll be sending a letter to all of of our active subscribers and automatically adding an additional two months to your subscription for the inconvenience.

The editor, David Ross owned a cabin up here for a few years. He mentions the Mountain in a couple of the articles. It was fun to go through the paper and catch up on the latest. Thought you might enjoy it, too. You’ll see the pumpkins are ready for picking at Bates Brothers. There is a Fire Safety Expo tomorrow and lots more. You can even read all about a Royal Rendezvous in 1933!

Click to see this week’s Valley Center Roadrunner.

Great little paper, isn’t it.

Yes, you can subscribe, too! Have the paper delivered each week in the mail or on-line.


Bonnie Phelps, thinking we need a pumpkin!

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