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What do you love about Palomar?  How about the views?  You see Point Loma out there with the San Diego skyline and islands dotting the Pacific – so close and yet so far away –  up here in the beauty of the Four Seasons! Have a message to go out?  Simply send it my way.   If you don’t see it posted within 24 hours, please reach out to me. Glad to keep the news heading your way about our favorite mountain!  
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First Days of Summer

Have you seen the sunsets the past couple nights? This is from the lookout across from us. Had to run over to capture a better view for you.

“Eagle in flight” from last night! Happy Summer to all!

Bonnie Phelps

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 18, 2022

Elsie’s Lookout – 9 Acres For Sale

Peaceful, private beautiful views from the Mountain to the Sea, surrounded by oaks, cedar, firs and ferns. The grandmother of the present owner left an enchanting journal telling of her first visit to Palomar in 1904. It was a five day trip, made many times, as they came by wagon from Long Beach.

This is from Elsie’s pen:

“Remembering vividly as a girl in 1904, I realized that Palomar belonged to me from the first moment the wagon reached the crest. I ran through the woods to the edge and saw the worlds spread below in unutterable beauty. If it is commendable for a citizen to claim a city, proudly as it’s own, is it too outrageous that one should with passionate devotion, claim a mountain?”

This beautiful land looks out on what was Elsie’s over 100 years ago. Dust off your dreams and come up and make them come true. We’re looking for that special someone to claim these nine acres as your very own.

Of course, we have MLS info and more photos for you. You truly have to see this one for yourself. Come explore and walk the land. You’re invited to bring a picnic and enjoy the deck.

See you on the mountain top real soon!

Bonnie Phelps, enjoying so much sharing this Mountain!

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The Mountain House For Sale


Setting up this listing has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done in Real Estate. This has been our home for the last 24 years. That is one of the many magical views from my desk. Our whole family has lived on Palomar since 2017 when our son Brandon, his wife Heidi and the kids bought the ranch next door. Son Nathan, owns Cabin Fever Vacation Rental and moved to Snuggle Inn, our guest apartment so we’ve had the best years of our lives. But, a farm in Missouri was calling to Brandon’s family and they just had to make their own. They talked about us joining them. I initially thought we’d be part-time. Our Treasures (those four, amazing, free range grandkids) were concerned we might stay behind. I do believe they were set up by their parents last Fall. Each of them showed up at different times. Running down the path from their ranch above us and skipping along our stone steps I would hear “GramBonnie, GramBonnie”. Then they got around to their heart gripping questions. It went something like this:

“GramBonnie, well, you know we are moving to Missouri. It is a very long way away. You are moving too, right? You’re going to live there, too, right?”

What would you say? My only response was, “Of course, my Darling, of course”.

They moved the first of the year, now it is our turn. This is so bitter-sweet. We love Palomar Mountain. We love our friends and all the fun times with such happy memories to cherish. I’ve enjoyed helping so many of you with your properties with this wonderful career. But we do have a home waiting for us there now. (I signed the papers and the cowboy didn’t even know!!!) I still haven’t even seen it and am so excited for this new chapter in our lives. The men-folk have taken several road trips with loads of stuff. We are now thinned out a bit here and as ready as we’re going to be, to open the door and meet the new owners of The Mountain House.

Simply click for all the info and photos The Mountain House For Sale

Would you like to see a little more of the View From My Desk? It’s all there for you on a public facebook album.

Who wants to be first to come see? Our StarStrucks Beverage Counter is open 24/7 so we can serve up your favorite for your tour.

Let’s do this!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor from the Mountain to Missouri


DRE# 01293655

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Round House Ranch For Sale

Imagine, a view as far as your eyes can see…. This ten acres just might have the absolutely most amazing views on the entire mountain. You see Catalina, San Clemente Islands and the Coronados dotting the Pacific. Then, there is something very special about having your view framed with majestic cedars, firs and oaks. The property also has so much level, usable, land at the very crest of the mountain. Star gazing is spectacular, too.

A twelve-sided Round House was built in 1978. About a decade ago, the original owner’s son was visiting from Australia. Kent Learned was so thrilled to see the family property again. He said they built it to be able to sit in the living room and see the ocean, and looking to the north, a clear view of the Observatory and San Jacinto. That area of the land has many tall trees now, you do ‘own the view’ so could open it up if you so choose. Meanwhile, there is a beautiful ‘Cathedral Window to the Eye to the Sky’ which was quite fun to discover:

We owned this property for about 10 years and used it for so many gatherings and events. Some of you remember concerts, potlucks and campfire times. We had couple movie nights in the barn. We asked everyone to BYOQ. Bring your own Quilt to sit on the big bales of hay all stacked up theatre style. Fun times. Eight Bride and Grooms stayed there for their honeymoon. (Not in the barn, silly, they stayed in the house!) A few years ago, our son Brandon and his wife Heidi made it their very own and along with their four children (our Treasures), have such happy memories.

They were in the process of a big remodel when they were lured away out of state. They originally planned to finish the home and keep it as a rental but decided YOU might enjoy that yourself. There are so many options with the house, and the Hay Barn could even be a wonderfully fun vacation rental, too. Or, you might choose to start fresh with all and build your dream estate deserving of this one-of-a-kind, very private, view property.

Dozens of photos and lots more info, waiting for you here: Round House Ranch

Round House Ranch is next door to us. Come on up, let’s take a little holiday and go explore.

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor – enjoying sharing the mountain with folks like YOU!


DRE# 01293655

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StarHavens Home and Guest Loft For Sale

Many recent buyers seem to looking for the same type of investment on Palomar. Their dream is a mountain property they can live in full time or maybe just occasionally and have a second unit for Vacation Rental income. StarHavens and Loft have both have been active Vacation Rentals with optional furnishings so are ready to go.

The prior owner did live here full time. He started with vacant land, designed and built the home, garages and an apartment above for a rental. You would enjoy it very much as your forever home, too.

Come up and see the Pacific Ocean and view to San Jacinto and the Observatory. We have lots of photos and more info for you here: StarHavens and StarLoft For Sale

When would you like a tour?

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor with Palomar Mountain VIEWS since the beginning of the Century

Call or text: 760-533-1742 DRE 01293655

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Crayola Cabin history with Alicelynn

A bit of history was promised for the naming of the Crayola Cabin. Yesterday I had the pleasure of having Alicelynn Cockrill, the former owner up to see the renovation of their much-loved cabin. She has so many special memories of the mountain since she started coming up when she was eight years old! Years later, Alicelynn and her husband had a call from their friend, Arlie Bergman. He told them about a tax sale in Escondido. He had his eye on a commercial building but knowing how much they both loved Palomar, suggested they come along and bid on a vintage cabin. The auctioneer called out “Sold” and they were the owners for 45 years. They also purchased the land above them and had a wonderful time designing and building that cabin that has since been beautifully restored.

When I opened the door to “her” cabin, Alicelynn was so thrilled to see the Wedgewood kitchen stove is still a part of the decor. She remembers her mother cooking at that stove in their home where she grew up in South Gate. Then the city decided there were to be no more incinerators or wood burning stoves, so Alicelynn and her husband brought it up to the cabin and used it for many years. It now serves as a very cute Coffee Station.

The leaded glass front door was from their home in Escondido when they did an update there. She had a fun story about the wood stove in the fireplace. Years ago we had a dump on Palomar. It also served as a social gathering place. Debris was dumped in the big dumpsters but good stuff was set to the the side. It just so happens this little wood stove was waiting for them one day. They loaded it up in nothing flat as they had to bring their fabulous find back to the cabin. Just a little bit of wood provided so much more heat than the fireplace.

When I first saw the cabin all fixed up as the very colorful vacation rental, it reminded me of one of the Crayola boxes of eight colors that are highlighted in each room as a very pleasant surprise throughout. Many students growing up in Escondido enjoyed Alicelynn as their teacher. Kindergarten was her first love but she did teach through third grade, too. She told me her classes went through many boxes of crayons over the years. And, she still has crayons for when family or friends visit with small children, they are welcome to draw. So, Crayola Cabin it is.

Of course, new owners may name it anything you’d like: Click to see the Crayola Cabin For Sale.

Bonnie Phelps, A very colorful Realtor on Highway to the Stars

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PMPO Newsletter link in full color!

Most of you received your PMPO Newsletter in your Inbox last week. Thanks to all who contribute and the many hours from Mike Pique, Libby Getzoff, Susan Humason. They have volunteered the past couple DECADES to source out the articles, proof, set up for printing, proof again, printed, folded, stamped and mailed. Betsy just put the FULL COLOR version up on the web site.  Yes, those Dogwoods blooming ’round the mountain are even more beautiful in full color!

Bonnie Phelps

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Rental or House Share needed


Do you have a rental available? I would love to be in the trees on Palomar but am also open to other areas in San Diego County.

I am a single mature female with great credit and references seeking a new home by mid July but earlier is also an option. I work as a counselor/energy coach and need access to the internet to create my zoom sessions. I am seeking an unfurnished guest house/or apartment or sharing a home with a roommate and an unfurnished bedroom and bath. I am able to pay between $1000-1500 a month for the right space.

I am nice and neat, quiet, meditate daily, clean and drama free. I have a sweet indoor kitty named Peppermint who is nondestructive and very mellow.

Lets connect!

Nancy Princetta


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Memorial Day Weekend 2022

It’s been a very chilly, misty day in the clouds on the mountain. Catching up at my desk with a nice fire going, I found myself thinking quite a bit about why we have this holiday weekend.

My dad was one of the many young men drafted for WWII, along with his neighbors in South Dakota. We only have a few photos of his time in the Army. The one that has been on my mind so much was taken with about a dozen young friends. They’d been working on the family farms just a few days before but standing straight and tall at the bus station, leaving to serve their country.

I remember Dad commenting about his time in the military, “I really wanted to be a pilot, but most of them never returned home”. He knew his help was needed on the farm. The Army needed raido men, too and that is what he did until the war was over. We’d sometimes pull out those photos. He would get a far-away look in his eyes but never told me more about the young friends in the small black and white photo. It is those brave young men that never came home, and so many others, we honor, especially this weekend.

I love the view from my desk. There is usually a flag flowing in the breeze out there. I’m so thankful for the sacrifice of all our military that defended this flag and gave their lives to preserve our freedoms.

Wish I had those photos here to share but that box is already in Missouri. Just a few minutes ago, the sun peeked through and caught my eye from my desk. So, this is for you and long may that flag wave.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend with family and friends,

Bonnie Phelps

PS – If you’d like to see more Views from my Desk, an album is tucked away on my Facebook and you’re welcome to browse.

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StarHaven Home and Guest House For Sale

Ten acres of forest, Pacific Ocean, Palomar Observatory and Mount San Jacinto views await at StarHavens and Loft. Travel up the country lane off Fern Meadow Road to this very peaceful, private setting. Built to live in full-time, you’ll find two separate living quarters, now both successful Vacation Rentals. StarHavens is a three bedroom home with a huge bonus room. At the top of the circular drive are detached garages with a nice workshop and the absolutely charming StarLoft apartment/guest quarters above.

How would you use this beautiful property?

Lots more details and so many photos are waiting for you here:

MLS Listing Info and Pix

Always glad to open the doors and get all your questions answered about living full time on this wonderful mountain, weekending as a family retreat and/or hosting as vacation rentals.

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor


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