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It’s a Wonderful Life on Palomar

The folks of Bailey’s Resort hosted such a fun Movie and Cookie night. The old classic, It’s a Wonderful Life was on the big screen. Comfy chairs and heaters were on and the atmosphere was so fun in the Dance Hall built in the 1860’s. There were lots of delicious home-made cookies, they provided popcorn and a huge pot of some of the best stew I’ve ever tasted. Beef Cheeks. Wow, so incredibly tender and extra-delicious on a crisp winter night.

Thank you Bailey’s Resort!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 10, 2022

Tractor For Sale

Wow, an enclosed cab with AC and heat? That’s my kinda tractor! – Bonnie

From: Glen Heggsted – See more pix below

Yanmar YA 359BC-TL 4×4 60 HP Class Professional Grade CAB Tractor with Loader- One year left on 5 Year Factory Warranty
INCLUDES: Tractor Loader
72″ Heavy duty John Deere Rear Box Scraper Blade Pallet Fork Attachment
YL610 LOADER Heavy Duty CURVED BOOM Loader with Skid- Steer Compatible Quick Connect Coupler;
Yanmar 4TNV98C 3.3L Hi-Torque Diesel Engine with Full Steel Block; Unitized All Steel Full Frame Chassis; Hydrostatic IVT-X Heavy-Duty Power-Flow Transmission (not clutch);
Fully Programmable
Auto Throttle and Operator Cruise Control
Rear Differential Lock Rear Axle with Automatic Sensing Posi- Traction; Independent Control Fully Integrated Four- Wheel Drive; Full Hydraulic Touch Control Independent 35 mm 6 Splines Power takeoff (PTO);
Heavy Duty Independent 3- Point Hitch;
Active Load Sensing Power Steering;
Top and Tilt Rear Hydraulic Kit for Box Blade
165 Hours, $39,900

Text or Call for more info 760-275-9375

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Neighbors of Dylan Healey

Last Christmas mountain neighbors, Nanci and Dylan Healey were at church with us and I asked to take their photo. I’m glad I did.

This year Dylan’s mom won’t be with us. She passed away November 12th after two weeks in the hospital. Nanci first came to the mountain when she answered an ad in a newspaper to work at the Lodge in the late 1990s. She met Rick through a mutual friend. Rick’s mother, Vivian Thiry, had a weekend cabin, it soon became Rick and Nanci’s. That was the beginning of a new family on Palomar.

Dylan was born May 14, 1998 and grew up on the mountain, going to the mountain schools. Some of you knew Dylan’s father. Rick left a beautiful signature with his creative woodwork. It is easy to spot the live-edge fireplace mantles and other woodwork he did on and off the mountain. Rick had some medical issues for quite some time and passed away July 21st at home last year.

Dylan has spent much of his time over the past few years helping care for his folks. He also did Airbnb cleaning, property cleanup and working some on the mountain. He inherited the cabin and car and has applied for work off the mountain to pay his bills. He has been studying to finish a couple of on-line classes but the family computer turned on with one of those black screens. Time for a change. I’m just wondering if anyone has a computer they are not using?

Dylan is available for property clearing, helping with firewood or work you might have available until he can get a full time job.

His dad made the best apple pies and Dylan was here over Thanksgiving to make his first. He picked the apples, and made a fabulous crust. Delicious pie! He’ll be over tomorrow as he has a cookie recipe picked out for the Movie Night at Bailey’s. You’ll want to try them, I promise!

When you have an extra chair ’round your table, you might invite him over… he loves to eat!

Dylan Healey

PO Box 16

Palomar Mountain, CA 92060

cell 442-330-8113 text or calls

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Cookies in the oven for Movie night tomorrow?

Want to enter your best cookie recipe to win a warm and cozy Bailey throw? Then I’m guessing you’re about ready to pre-heat your oven and have your ingredients ready to whisk together. If you are not a cookie baker, that is ok, too. Just come enjoy meeting your neighbors and a fun evening hosted by Bailey Resort.

Cards will be available for your to name your cookie and share some of your recipe to make it even more inticing.

Baileys will have some patio heaters but the enchanting, historic Dance Hall was built from logs cut off the property in the late 1800’s. It can be pretty chilly so let’s all bundle up, bring your jackets, hats, mittens and maybe a lap blanket and we’ll all settle in to watch the much-loved classic, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Saturday, December 10th

6:00 to 8:00 pm

Directions: Take State Park Road to Bailey Meadow Road. The road ends at the resort and you’ve arrived! You might want to carpool.

See also Baileys Movie and Cookie Night

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First Snowman of the Season

Picking up mail in a hurry last night I had the cowboy pull over in front of the Palomar General Store.

When what to my wandering eyes did appear but a fun little snowman, the first of the year!

I’m thinking we should meet up and see what else is waiting for us! Of course it should be after-dark to make shopping even more fun with the pretty lights! Oh, and I bet they have Christmas music playing….

Bonnie Phelps, excited to see we have a potential of a Winter Wonderland this weekend!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 9, 2022

Friends of Glenn and Cecelia Borland

Many of you remember me saying that ‘Glenn and Cecelia Borland are friends with everyone on Palomar and Cecelia is the hardest working person I know caring for all the goats, sheep, chickens and mountain kids’. She has always been quick to say that Glenn is the smartest person she knows. Oh, how she loves her Glenn.

How did they come to live on Palomar? Back in 2008, while driving past the Lodge, I noticed a truck I’d never seen before. It had all sorts of antenna on it and a bearded man looking like he needed directions. I asked if I could help. He explained that he was looking for a home at a high elevation for his ham radio hobby and land suitable for his wife’s goats and chickens. I invited him to jump in my car and see the new house I’d listed at the end of Birch Hill. We had just driven through the gate when he saw those huge boulders, smiled and said, “it’s perfect, my wife will love this”.

Even though Glenn pointed out that the house wasn’t bolted to the foundation and needed a lot of work, eventually they couldn’t resist. They went right to work to build the barn and Glenn’s lab so and they were up often, making friends with their neighbors. Pretty quick Glenn’s skills as an engineer and diplomat, strong business sense, calm demeanor and voice of reason were recognized, so Glenn was recruited for the PMPO, Volunteer Fire Department, Water Board and Church Board and served much of these 14 years. They moved up full time May 3, 2009 when they had his lab and the barn for the animals ready and enjoyed so much their time together on the mountain.

The photo was taken last summer at Vintana on our way to a special wedding. Such a lovely time together.

A few weeks ago, October 27th, Glenn arrived in Heaven.

Cecelia’s family flew in from Alaska, Texas and Arizona. Two long-time friends tied up some of his business. Her plan is to stay on her beloved mountain and evaluate after a year.

A celebration of Glenn’s life is planned for the spring. Cards, visits, hugs and prayers are appreciated.

Cecelia Borland

PO Box 245

Palomar Mountain, CA 92060

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 7, 2022

How did the Enchanted Cabin sell so FAST?

It was off the market! The seller actually withdrew the cabin with the idea of putting it back up after the first of the year. But I was giving a tour to a nice couple a few weeks back and their wish list described this little cabin tucked away. I happened to know where the keys were and their dream came true!

Right before escrow closed, the buyer got a nice four wheel drive truck… Did you see the forecast???? A tease of a dusting tonight! Perfect timing!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor, waiting with sleigh bells…

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 6, 2022

Cabin for Christmas?

Dreaming of sitting ’round your woodstove, decorating a tree, cut from your land? How about filling up the cabin with family, friends and hot chocolate for all!? We have a fun forest fixer that is looking for a new family to freshen up and enjoy.

Bruce and Lola Graves came to Palomar and built this cozy cabin to stay in while they designed and built the ‘Big House’ across the road. They had such a wonderful time with their little kids, picking out the location to build both, while insuring the privacy of each. They finished the cabin in 1971. It had a big loft bedroom upstairs and downstairs a sliding door out to a covered patio. Later that was enclosed and is now the sleeping room. Bruce and Lola were very active in those early days of our Volunteer Fire Department and the PMPO. Neighbors thought it would be a good idea to have a Palomar Mountain Land Owners Association. Later that name was changed to be the Palomar Mountain Planning Organization. Bruce was chair for that board for several decades.

Lola enjoyed so much her time on the mountain and and loved having family and friends up for special mountain memories. She made her homemade soap, creative crafts and many pies for fund raisers for the building of the fire department. So the cabin owner has some history here these past 50 years and the PMPO and other organizations are always looking for more folks to volunteer on our favorite mountain. It will be fun to meet the next owners!

Here is a photo gallery for you and all the MLS info.

Coming up? Bundle up! Burrrr! It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor 760-533-1742

Nathan Phelps, Broker 619-576-1826

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Need an Electrician?

Paul Donica saved the day! He lives in Valley Center and loves to come up to Palomar. We were so pleased with his professionalism, service and such a pleasure to deal with. Five Stars!!!

Give Paul a call for all your electrical needs 760-207-4417

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4 View Acres with 4 Bedroom Home For Sale

Come away to the Cuca Ranch. Look up to see the occasional beauty of snow capped Palomar Mountain in the winter with a bit of a dusting for you.

Wake up every morning to beautiful sunrises and wind down in the evenings watching the sun set over the valley. Do you work from home? Great internet awaits. Would you like a place for the kids to run around and play in the big outdoors? How about your own well for a farm? Or, are you a car buff? Lots of room to add garages, an ADU or two, a big barn or whatever would make your dreams come true.

Click for all the details and we’re glad to open the doors.

Nathan Phelps, Broker 619-576-1826

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor 760-533-1742

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