Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 8, 2022

Smell Smoke? Helpful link.

Last night we were turning out the lights and I smelled smoke. We went to the windows and sure enough, we both smelled smoke. We got dressed and the cowboy grabbed a shovel thinking someone if we came across a campfire with the wind we had, it could be helpful. Driving around our properties we saw all was well ’round our neighborhood. Then, we remembered the Hemet fire and realized the smoke was drifting up from there.

Apparently it is still only 5% contained when I checked this link. Hoping that rain predicted for arriving Friday can help with this situation. Hoping the firemen can get this under control real soon.


Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 4, 2022

StarHavens 2 on 1 Back on the Market!

The sunset was so beautiful as I reached the top of the mountain tonight, I had to run up to StarHavens. The sun had just slipped away behind Catalina Island. It was so refreshing to pause a minute in my very busy day and watch the birds having such a wonderful time playing back and forth on the wires.

So very sorry that moving to the mountain is not working out for the nice couple who had this in escrow for a few days. It will be very exciting to meet whoever it is that will be our next new neighbors. Could that be YOU?

This past week I’ve had so many showings with four clients touring just before sunset. It’s always beautiful on the mountain top but as you can see, evenings are extra special. Click for the photos and MLS info.

When is a good time for your tour?

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor showing property as early as 8 am until about 10 pm!

So fun! Let’s connect – 760-533-1742

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 3, 2022

Sunsets of Palomar

Everyone traveling up or down the mountain has the opportunity to take in magnificent sunsets. Often I tell myself to pull over and capture a peek of what is happening. Well, Terri Sproul did just that in a very beautiful way with her fancy camera, composition and expert editing. She didn’t resist and pulled right over a few days ago, at the large turn out at toward the bottom of South Grade. So beautiful with a hint of Fall Colors-to-come.

Thank you for the eye candy, Terri!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 3, 2022

Get your Snow Chains fitted now from Mr. Thomas!

Way back in 2013 I posted about a great resource and with a delightful man selling and fitting new and used snow chains. I just checked and he now has 116 five star reviews on yelp!!! Think he has LOTS more from happy folks on Palomar. Well, this morning I woke up to a fun message from the charming proprietor himself, Mr. Snowbird, Thomas Weller:

“…You posted about my snowchains services some years go 🙂 I wouldn’t mind if you deemed me worthy to do it again as the snow season is approaching 🙂🙂 is what I did for 50+ years — thankee kindly M’lady — thomas”

So, when we have a winter wonderland and you’d like chains that really WORK, fit properly and stay on, get yourself down to San Diego and meet this very interesting man that really knows his stuff!

SNOW BIRD ENTERPRISES, putting your car in chains for over 2 decades. New and used tire chains. Buy, sell, trade, repair all with custom fitting. 619-442-3767 Thomas Weller

Bonnie Phelps on Snow Watch in Sunny September!!!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 3, 2022

Dumpster day TODAY and tomorrow!

Good Morning,

Get up, get up! There is a big empty dumpster waiting for Palomar property owners and residents to fill to the brim! Some of your neighbors volunteer with the Fire Safe Council to greet you the first weekend of the months that we have this service. They do welcome donations to credit toward the grant that provides the dumpsters each month. Here is the note from Cecelia:

Sept 3rd and 4th, 8 am to noon in the usual place at the fire station. come early and fill it up, please. Usual rules: no paint, tires, HAZMAT, e-waste, or large appliances. Fire season is well upon us so let’s get the combustible refuse off the mountain!

Call Cecelia for any questions or appt during the week; 760-742-8741

Where is it? Go to the Fire Department, the road to the left is Summit Circle. Turn in there. There might be a bit of a line. Hop out and help your neighbors unload their stuff. It’s a social event!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor always enjoying cleaning up this beautiful mountain!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 3, 2022

Rain, hail and thunder today, oh my!!

It was a sunny, warm day. Within a few minutes, I noticed it got a little dark and had cooled off. I checked the forecast, no rain predicted at all. Suddenly, those clouds opened up and it poured rain!!! Neighbor, Jim Hamerly reported measuring 1.1 inches of rain at their place on Fern Meadow. Thinking that came down in about an hour. So thankful and it smells sooooo good!

Like to see a couple quick videos? We had a ‘Seasonal Stream’ running down in our orchard and I even got some footage of the hail. So refreshing and fun!!!

Bonnie, dancing in the rain!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 2, 2022

Rim of the World View For Sale

Ever-changing, never ending views from permitted, unfinished 1920’s home, tucked away, out on the ridge with a front row seat to that view. The home was delivered to Palomar years ago and has been waiting for your creativity and expertise. Simply click to see the MLS info photos.

We also have lots of info from the building department for you, including grading, septic, and well permits signed off with completion of those projects. The rest is up to you and we have the fire department and road requirements, too, with all the specs for the 3 bedroom home.

I posted this on the MLS last night and have had many messages and calls already this morning. Who wants this amazing project in your name?

Quick, let’s go see!

Bonnie Phelps, on a roll!


Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 1, 2022

Space-X Launch from Palomar

Thanks to Mike for sending such interesting photos to share. This was taken last night of the Space-X launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

From: Mike Pique

Falcon-9 first stage passing below Arcturus last night. Great view from the west deck – except it went behind the big stand of Incense Cedars and didn’t re-appear until after staging. I did see the first stage “entry burn” clearly about two minutes later. This is a screen shot of iPhone video… not bad for a cell phone I’d say. 

Michael Pique

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 31, 2022

StarHavens is taken!

A lovely couple came for a late showing yesterday and are making it their own! So excited to move in and join us fulltime in about two weeks! Quick escrow has everyone running to get inspections and well cert done.

We had it on the market early summer for a few weeks, took it off mid July for everyone to finish up their vacations and get kids back in school. Just put it back up as active 3 days ago. Lots of showings and – poof – it is in Pending.

Had a great photographer here but didn’t even get the photo link to you yet. Click for the eye candy including the Observatory view and some beautiful sunset sky!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor with more new listings heading your way real soon!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 30, 2022

77 Acres of Views, dramatic price reduction!

Imagine … one mile of your property bordering National Forest. Pretty big back yard, don’t you think?

For those of you longing to be totally self-sufficient, off-grid, this beautiful, custom home is totally set up with solar, a generator and a battery back-up system. Privacy at it’s finest and ready to move right in or enjoy occasionally as a weekend retreat. Gated and fenced for ultimate privacy. Located five miles up the mountain on East Grade Road on beautiful Palomar.

Click for MLS photos and lots more details. Check out our quick fly-over video below then let’s go explore!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor


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