Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 18, 2021

Thunder, lightening and rain, oh my!

Good (very early) Morning to you!!!

Wow, what a show! For those of us on the mountain, we’ve all been awake since about 4:16 am. Much-needed pouring rain, then thunder with a lightening bolt that sounded like it could have touched ground close by. I got up to unplug electronics then ran outside to enjoy the show and maybe have photos for you. But, Teresa McCarthy’s turned out a lot better than mine, so I had to share. (Thanks, Teresa!) It was so fun to see the storm move over us then out to the Pacific. You city folks had a an early morning wake-up, too. Oh look, a chance of more on the way!

Bonnie Phelps on weather-watch with you!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 17, 2021

Coffee for a Gold Miner

It is always so fun to meet folks at the Woodpecker Firewood Stand. Early this morning I saw a car drive up. It brings me a lot of joy to say hello and pitch the fresh eggs we have an abundance of these days. I reminded this camping couple to help themselves to the free kindling. Then he asked with a very desperate look in his eyes if I knew where they could get coffee.

Sure thing! That would be Starstrucks! Our little coffee counter made their morning extra special. They recently moved here from Alaska and live in Temecula where his wife, Laurie is a loan processor. But what does Keith do? He commutes every two weeks to Alaska where he shows up with about 350 to 400 guys a day working as a gold miner! Northern Star Resources has 42 miles of underground tunnels. Last month they mined 1500 troy ounces of gold. So fun to hear about what he does.

And, Northern Star is hiring! Just think, with all these new listings I have coming up, you could make one your very own and maybe even mine for gold in Alaska while living on beautiful Palomar Mountain. That would sure work for Keith and Laurie. Who knows? They just might be our new neighbors someday!

Bonnie Phelps with a touch of gold fever!

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 7, 2021

Have you seen this guy?

Do you recognize the man in the trail camera photos?

Can you help identify him? He might have shaved his beard by now. A neighbor down on East Grade Road has this photo with many others from their trail camera and is looking for help in getting him caught and their stolen items returned. Please also keep your eye out for the following items stolen July 5th from a garage and yard on Palomar Mountain.

Please be on the lookout for this ‘forest service green’ dodge ram, lifted 4×4 with roll bar, 1980’s, License plate: 5K34325. This truck was apparently seen driving between the Will and Dyche Valley by a guy that looked like the guy in the photo above, yesterday, July 6th. It had the motorcycle on the back and was headed downhill. The Sheriffs Office has a case open on this already but the truck may have broken down in the area.

Stolen Red Honda CT110 Motorcycle 1982, license 1X7074:

Stolen dual axle flatbed Ronco trailer, license plate 4MC5259:

Info? Please call the Valley Center Sheriff’s Substation at 760-751-4400

Let’s get this guy off the streets.

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 4, 2021

Biggest Flag I’ve ever seen!

Like a fun day trip? Friends are here from out of state so one stop was Julian. This flag greets you as you get into town, then flags line the street. There is a parade today and lots of lunch options and different flavors of pie and cinnamon ice cream available.

Enjoy celebrating Independence Day!

Bonnie in Red, White and Blue

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 2, 2021

Over the moon excited!

There are several new property owners on Palomar! I can hardly wait to introduce them but meanwhile, must share a little joy.

A dad popped by with one of his sons. Yes, we had big hugs as they were over-the-moon-excited to have a new cabin to call their own. The catch with two brothers is there will be NO screens!!! Just a cabin of their very own, trails to explore, trees to climb, many adventures together and magical memories to last a life-time.

Another family has great plans escaping to their hide-a-way, including sharing their new cabin with their newest kitten. You might call this my ‘buy a cabin and get a free kitten’ program. (“Hazel” is the one in the photo with blue eyes.) Only two kittens actually went to cabin owners but three more did find wonderful new humans that promised to let them live inside and not just be mousers in the woods. Thank you Kimberly Mead for the kittens that made all these folks sooooo happy!

One new owner can hardly sleep. She is living her dream-come-true with delightful decorating and planning for new additions to her fairy-tale cabin. Family and friends absolutely love it there and she enjoys sharing it so much!

It was so nice meeting another new gal who just closed her escrow. We first met when she was one of the multiple offers on a recent listing. It broke my heart to have to let her and others know that someone else ‘won’ the cabin. Well, she did find a cabin of her very own and is so excited to be able to join us up here.

Proper introductions real soon!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor

On a roll, burning the midnight oil again…

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 2, 2021

Weed eater work and hauling needed

Several new listings in the works and owners are in need of people to do yard clean up. Trimming branches, stacking slash for a chipper, and weed eater work. Lots of weed eater workers needed ’round these parts.

How about hauling? Anyone interested in loading up your truck or trailer and hauling things to the city? We could keep you busy for a while and quite often these days.

Simply reply and I’ll connect you with the owners. Thanks so much,

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 2, 2021

Free Chipping on the Mountain

Need some chipping done? When this came to my Inbox, I gave Morgan a call. Yes, it is from the San Diego Fire Safe Council and yes, they do service Palomar Mountain. Their flyer and more info is below. The catch? They are booked out about 6 weeks. Be sure to sign up soon!

Working together to make Palomar more Fire Safe,

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor

From: Morgan Graves <>
Subject: No-Cost Chipping in Palomar

Hi there,

Fire season is almost here! Have you done your part by preparing defensible space around your home? Let the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County help you maintain defensible space around your home.

The Fire Safe Council of San Diego County’s No-Cost Chipping Program can help you chip the hazardous debris you’ve already cleared. Sign up here or call our office at (619) 562-0096 for support signing up. 

Stay safe!

Morgan Graves – Administrative Assistant

Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County

In Partnership with the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County

and Wild Willow Farm and Education Center

11769 Waterhill Road

Lakeside, CA 92040


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Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 1, 2021

Happy Fourth 2021

Happy Fourth from Palomar Mountain! Our flag still stands for the freedom we’re so thankful for.

One of the long-standing traditions in the USA are fireworks. There are a lot of locations planned this year in the ‘flatlands’. We love watching from the mountain-top. Often you’ll see folks gathered at the turn-outs. When the weather is clear, we’ve counted 17 to 20 locations – just a little ‘poof’ from perched up here, but fun to see. One of the longest shows has been out on Catalina Island. See below for a list to maybe visit or help to identify if you’re at the rim of the world up here. Wherever you celebrate, enjoy your time with family and friends.

Bonnie and Family

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 1, 2021

Spam call options

Even living on top of the Mountain, we haven’t been able to escape the spam/robo calls. Thanks to a friend of Palomar, Robert Gonsett for sending the following link. This might help reduce those annoying calls to your cell phone and also the old-fashioned, plug-into-the-wall phones that some of us still rely on.

From: Robert Gonsett

Subject: Call Blocking Tools and Resources | Federal Communications Commission

The FCC announces that many call blocking tools are available to reduce spam (robo) telephone calls.

Here is the FCC’s advice:

Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 28, 2021

Free Dirt

The construction at the fire station is really coming along. I saw they are doing a lot of dirt work and thought they might appreciate finding a home for their extra dirt here locally. Call Gabe and they are glad to deliver by the truckload to the top of the mountain. It saves them from hauling down to the flatlands. Gabe said it it clean Palomar native soil. No broken concrete. Might have a few small branches or stones.

First call, first served. Gabe with Anton’s Construction 760-522-1390

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