Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 29, 2022

‘High Mountain Home’ Music at Lazy H

It was very special the last time we were at Lazy H to hear Dutch and Bruce sing my all-time favorite song that Dutch wrote; High Mountain Home.

Dutch has written beautiful songs woven with some of his family history, and tells of his love for the mountain that so many of us share. 

Friends for nearly 50 years, Dutch Bergman and Bruce Druliner look forward to every time they can sing and play their guitars together.

Tomorrow night is another chance to come on out to one of their concerts! Play that video while you make your reservation – Thursday the 29th at Lazy H Restaurant!


By Dutch Bergman

The sunshine and blue skies
The snow storms and thunder
This mountain has been home to me
I work here and live here
And I never shall wander
‘Cause I’ve seen all that I need to see
Some beautiful places – lots of nice people
I hope to see them again
But nothing can change this feelin’ inside me
This mountain is my closest friend

I sweat in the summer
From hours in the saddle
And I shiver when the winter winds blow
I dream of the spring time
And the smell of new cattle
And ridin’ all the back trails I know
Laid back in my bedroll with the night all around me
Every star is like a jewel in the sky
Sleep comes easy for a trail weary cowboy
As the crickets chirp their lullaby

And I’ll never surrender my memories
Of a full moon on December’s first snow
Or the look in your eyes on a quiet night
As we lay in the fire’s soft glow
This feelin’ is flowing like a river inside me
And the water is the blood in my veins
I’m tied to this mountain by the bonds of my fathers
And that’s stronger than any man’s chains

I’m tied to this mountain by the bonds of my fathers
and that’s stronger than any man’s chains.

You’ll come out now, ya hear!

Thursday, September 29, 2022
5:00pm – 8:00pm
Lazy H Ranch      
Pauma Valley, CA 
email =
Crowd in at our table. Love to see you,

Bonnie Phelps – let’s sing along!


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