Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 3, 2022

Get your Snow Chains fitted now from Mr. Thomas!

Way back in 2013 I posted about a great resource and with a delightful man selling and fitting new and used snow chains. I just checked and he now has 116 five star reviews on yelp!!! Think he has LOTS more from happy folks on Palomar. Well, this morning I woke up to a fun message from the charming proprietor himself, Mr. Snowbird, Thomas Weller:

“…You posted about my snowchains services some years go 🙂 I wouldn’t mind if you deemed me worthy to do it again as the snow season is approaching 🙂🙂 is what I did for 50+ years — thankee kindly M’lady — thomas”

So, when we have a winter wonderland and you’d like chains that really WORK, fit properly and stay on, get yourself down to San Diego and meet this very interesting man that really knows his stuff!

SNOW BIRD ENTERPRISES, putting your car in chains for over 2 decades. New and used tire chains. Buy, sell, trade, repair all with custom fitting. 619-442-3767 Thomas Weller

Bonnie Phelps on Snow Watch in Sunny September!!!


  1. Hi Bon,

    About 40 years ago I bought a set of tire chains from an older gentleman maybe around El Cajon. He included his “secret ingredient” to make chain installation easy: a footlong piece of 2×4 wood. Put that under the tire THEN apply the chains. Worked like a charm. Great invention. Fabulous guy.

    The gentleman drove a low-to-the-ground white station wagon and was known to rescue all manner of flatlanders stuck in the snow around Mt. Laguna. Learned about him from a TV news clip at the time and said to myself, “That’s the guy I want to buy chains from.”

    Hey, your Mr. Weller is the very same guy! I’m convinced after watching Ken Kramer’s video on him. It’s remarkable that he’s still alive and helping others. What a wonderful way to live.

    Thanks for the posting and the link to his Website — a great inspiration to us all!



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