Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 3, 2022

Dumpster day TODAY and tomorrow!

Good Morning,

Get up, get up! There is a big empty dumpster waiting for Palomar property owners and residents to fill to the brim! Some of your neighbors volunteer with the Fire Safe Council to greet you the first weekend of the months that we have this service. They do welcome donations to credit toward the grant that provides the dumpsters each month. Here is the note from Cecelia:

Sept 3rd and 4th, 8 am to noon in the usual place at the fire station. come early and fill it up, please. Usual rules: no paint, tires, HAZMAT, e-waste, or large appliances. Fire season is well upon us so let’s get the combustible refuse off the mountain!

Call Cecelia for any questions or appt during the week; 760-742-8741

Where is it? Go to the Fire Department, the road to the left is Summit Circle. Turn in there. There might be a bit of a line. Hop out and help your neighbors unload their stuff. It’s a social event!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor always enjoying cleaning up this beautiful mountain!

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