Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 19, 2013

Need Snow Chains?

snow chains    Today I was asked where the best place is to get snow chains.  I remembered that one of you gave me a contact years ago, that I added to our Mountain Yellow Pages.  Well, I gave him a call and he is such an interesting guy to talk to on the phone.  He works out of his home so you must have an appointment.   If those 19 folks on Yelp are telling the truth, he is the go-to-guy for snow chains in this part of the world.

However, there is a catch!  He won’t sell you the chains unless you have a lesson with him on how to put them on with the least amount of stress so you can get back in your warm car real fast and make it to your destination with no slipping and sliding.  Such a deal!

And!  When I mentioned that we are on Palomar, Tomas replied, “My wife and I met on Palomar Mountain in 1995.  We were on a Sierra Singles hike where you go to meet, greet, hike and learn.  We were each with someone else but ended up with each other.  We love Palomar Mountain!”

So, give Tomas and Patti Weller a call and they will set you up with a great set of chains just in time for our next big snow!

Snowbird Tire Chains   619 44two 37six7

New, used, buy, sell, trade, repair, or custom fit tire chains


  1. thx Bonnie, was a pleasure talkin w ya on the phone — I’ll make shure anyone comin here from seein yer post is GLAD they did 🙂

    GOOD onya!

  2. Thanks Bonnie I have a broken chain

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