Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 19, 2013

Skunk Shampoo Recipe

There seem to be a lot of skunks roaming ’round the Mountain these days.  We had inspections out at Iron Spring Ranch today and the new buyers-to-be found a dead skunk out in the meadow.  I mentioned it to the seller and thought some of you might appreciate his recipe!

Bill replied with:  “Uli, my dog got skunked yesterday so maybe she is the skunk killer.  She’s a smart dog but has got skunked at least 30 times.  The recipe we use that works best is dish detergent mixed with baking soda.  You make it into a paste and leave in on for ten minutes.  Uli has gotten skunked so many times that she comes in the house and jumps right in the tub.”

Hope you don’t need to use this but just in case I am guessing some of you will have extra dish soap and baking soda on your next shopping list!


  1. Bonnie, You are SO CUTE! Such the mountain woman…I miss you and miss mountain life. Our e-mail is up and running strong at home and my phone is also working better. We are very happy and blessed here in Brentwood (94513) and so appreciative of the mature, godly leadership here in so many areas as well as their thoughtfulness of staff….the Lord is such a great Redeemer!

    As you know, hopefully, we would sincerely love to have you any time you might want to come and visit city life here in the East San Francisco Bay area….Delta lifestyle they say….we don’t have a boat, but lots of warmth, hugs, love for you if you come.

    If you are ever snowed in and want to listen to AWESOME sermons, they are free on line…Pastor Larry Adams at Golden Hills Community Church in Brentwood. Currently the whole church is doing what they call a “campaign”…kind of like the “40 Days of Purpose” where the whole church studys together in small groups the same materials (only with more depth). Several of our pastors write a chapter each. This year they are studying The Eternal Word, all about why the Bible is Truth and how we shouldn’t compromise on the Truth. It is really awesome; bet Don would like it too…very bold and uncompromising, yet loving and full of grace. So, if you get to come and visit, please plan to come on a Sunday so you can really see what our world is like. No skunks yet, but you never know 🙂

    love always in Jesus,


    P.S. love still hearing all the mountain news

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