Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 2, 2022

Happy Retirement to Mayolo!

Such a nice luncheon for Mayalo! He has always been such a pleasure to have as our postmaster. We have all appreciated his kindness, professionalism and his way of treating people like he would like to be treated. He has done his very best to brighten our days and handle our mail and packages like they were his very own.

Several of you were taking photos. He would appreciate copies. Please text to 760-212-8754 or

Mayolo is leaving some tough shoes to fill and we all wish him the very best. Thank you to all who came to his party and worked and donated and brought food to make it such a lovely afternoon!

Luncheon Invite and Post Office News

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More Post Office News and Job Available!

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Bonnie Phelps

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