Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 26, 2022

Luncheon for Mayolo & Post Office News

Did you know Mayolo is retireing? Our very friendly and helpful Post Master for one of the smallest post offices in the United States is leaving us! Mayolo has always been a bright spot in our day on Palomar. Getting the mail has been a social event on this little mountain. Mail is up by about 11 am. Often our visits to pick up the mail are planned about that time. We will miss Mayolo’s smiling face at the window!

There is a card for Mayolo inside the General Store. If you haven’t already signed it, your note and signature would be nice to add.

You are invited to a Retirement luncheon this Thursday honoring his years of service to this community. Mike Pique and Jeannie ordered a Jilbertos “party special” with tacos, enchiladas, pollo asado and quesadillas (vegetarian), rice, beans, chips and salsa. Mike picked up paper goods, Katie is bringing a cake and napkins and we’ll have a big bowl of watermelon for all. If you would like to bring something to share, that would be welcomed.

You might want to pop in the General Store and pick up something cold to drink. Mike is accepting donations toward the lunch. Thank you.

I saw Lee Baker hosing off the patio in front of Mother’s Kitchen today and it will be set up with tables and chairs. Come help set up at noon on Thursday and we’ll all celebrate Mayolo when he gets his lunch break at 12:30.

What is going to happen to our little Post Office? I noticed it has been closed much of the last week. So, I called Pauma Valley PO several times and it rolled to a fax machine. The nice gal at the Valley Center PO gave me an update for you. She said the gal in Pauma is often there by herself and so busy it is hard to answer the phone. The VC gal is short-handed, too, but sends down an extra staff person when she can. Right now the mail will be delivered to Palomar and put in boxes during the week but they don’t have the staffing to have the window open. Windows are open at the Post Offices off the mountain.

See you Thursday, July 28th

Noon to help set up, 12:30 to Party with Mayolo and your mountain neighbors!

Bonnie, turning the latest news around per Mike’s request 🙂

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