Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 27, 2022

More Post Office News – Job Available!

Just had a nice call from the postmaster Diana, at the Pauma Office. She has a clerk bringing the mail up each weekday. The mail will be in your boxes. When you have a package, a key is placed in your box to open the lockers. When you retrieve your package, please just leave the key in the lock of the locker. Please get your packages as soon as possible so it will keep the lockers available.

If you have a registered letter, a form will be placed in your box to sign. The next day the letter will be in your box.

Looking for a great job? Diana would love to have this position filled with someone who lives on Palomar.

She said to pass on the info that they are really working to have the window open by the end of the month. They would love to be able to fill the position with someone from Palomar. She explained that she usually has three clerks in Pauma and only has one. So, they are looking for applicants now. That could be a great job just 30 minutes down the grade. Their goal in Pauma is to have enough clerks to have the Palomar window open from 1:30 to 4:00 by the end of August.

The position on Palomar will be available to apply after August 1st.

The job needs to be open to the public for 45 days, after such time we should have our little post office staffed full time again.

So, how about someone on Palomar apply now for Pauma? Thinking you might, just might be the clerk that could work the mountain…

Bonnie Phelps, always just brimming with ideas!


  1. What a great job, I lived there when Jennifer “manned” the office. 🙂

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