Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 1, 2021

New Neighbors – Natcheli Family

Jennifer and Robert decided they must have a cabin of their very own. It was so much fun to meet up with Jennifer’s siblings and all the cousins at her dad, Jim’s and Teresa’s cabin. They’ve enjoyed their time up here so much, Robert and Jennifer decided they wanted even more of what Palomar has to offer with hiking, playing games, and time around the campfire. A cabin on Palomar is all about creating wonderful memories. When this little storybook cabin was being staged to go on the market, they found out about it and quickly made it their very own.

Built in 1931, the cabin needed lots of love. No problem! Big trucks rolled up with tools, supplies, family and friends, ready to help. It came with ‘free pets’! As a mouse hotel for a few years, those furry little critters needed to be relocated. Then, they invited the woodpeckers to store their acorns elsewhere, too. Waving their magic wand with many weekends restoring and decorating, they were ready to roll. They block off a weekend or so a month for their family and then enjoy sharing with others who desire time on our beautiful mountain, far away from the stress of the cities.

Since every cabin must have a name, they played with ideas. The cabin is hidden away in the forest where they have also seen birds, squirrels and deer wandering through. So, Woodland Hideaway, it is! Everyone who has stayed at the Hideaway say they absolutely love the cabin and want to come back.

Ah, Palomar is such a special place…

Thank you Robert, Jennifer and family, we’re glad you have joined us up on the Mountain!

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