Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 1, 2021

Not-so-New Neighbors – Jim and Teresa

Has it really been eight years?!??? Teresa called and brought a friend up to see cabins. I showed them what was available, but nothing was ‘the one’. I did have a fun A-frame coming up. It was over their price range but she fell in love!!! Went home to San Marcos, brought Jim back up the very same day and they made sure no one else was going to get ‘their cabin’!

With six kids and 21 grandkids, they wanted a place to celebrate family holidays. They were up about every three weeks and we were always invited to join the family for dinner. I mean, what’s two more people? And the food? Ah!!! Always fabulous!

One night we were finishing up another delicious dinner, the gals were in the kitchen, the kids were everywhere, tents were up outside, a couple RV’s in the driveway and a few extra dogs. I looked around with the campfire and s’mores calling and said, “How do you ever sleep with all this excitement?” Teresa replied, “we don’t”. I offered our guest apartment. She ran up the stairs, got their jammies and toothbrushes and we all said good night.

Since they were up only a weekend or two a month, I suggested that they might offer the cabin as a vacation rental… so they did. The Spotted Owl became a much-loved getaway for many folks longing to escape the city and enjoy this beautiful mountain.

Soon after, a short sale was on the market. The view was irresistible so Jim and Teresa retired and moved up full time into a total fixer. Jim can do anything well and Teresa is the decorator extraordinaire. The Grey Fox is so delightful to visit to see their amazing progress. (Those two kids are busier than ever being retired and loving every minute!)

But that’s not all! Jim and Teresa arrived for dinner one evening and as they were getting out of the car, I ran out and kidnapped her as I needed to drop something off on Crestline. She climbed in. Along the way she asked about one of my signs, wondering which cabin was for sale?

I stepped on the brakes and said, “Oh Teresa, that’s “The Definition of Cute”. You should buy it! It would make another great rental! And they did! Her maiden name is Partridge and it became The Partridge Nest. Soooo adorable!

Well, now those kids of theirs see their folks having so much fun on Palomar and want to be like mom and dad with their own cabins. Last summer Teresa saw me with some workers, staging a cabin real close to the Owl. Before we even had it ready to roll, Jennifer and Robert and their three kids, made it their own. When the rest of the family showed up, this cabin idea really caught on.

Now Jimmy and Crystal just closed escrow on another fun forest fixer and have weekends planned with memories to treasure for their 5 kids, cousins and friends looking forward to their next mountain visit.

Of course, one big attraction is having Jim and Teresa just up the road offering to help. Jim’s new toy this year was a snow plow for his truck so that helped out neighbors along the way. Now having three cabins to clean between guests, locals benefit with housekeeping jobs on the mountain, too!

When you have extra friends or family heading our way be sure to check out:

The Spotted Owl

The Partridge Nest

Woodland Hideaway

A big welcome to all the McCarthy family!

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