Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 2, 2021

Not-so-New Neighbors Steve and Marcia

Steve and Marcia Stults just closed escrow on land next door to their cabin they have owned since 1987.

Good friends had a cabin at Lake Arrowhead and Steve and Marcia wanted the same for their family. Marcia remembers a very special week at 6th grade camp in Doane Valley. They’d enjoyed the mountain over the years and it was so close to their home in Carlsbad. They especially enjoyed those magical times driving up through the clouds to a burst of sun and a beautiful mountain top.

One day they came up see a little cabin advertised for sale. They drove around and around and couldn’t even find it. (Later they figured it out to be the little gem I’ve sold a few times named Listen to the Music that was priced at $30,000 – those were the days!) On their drive, they saw a small for sale sign in a window. A neighbor, Grace Leibold, showed them in. This cabin was just perfect for them and their little girls.

It was so nice meeting the owners! Joe and Carmelita Coulombe told the story of their son. They paid for his education at Stanford University, and what did he do? Started a corner grocery store and named it Trader Joes! Such fun people! They left the cabin furnished including lots of books. The books dated back to the 1800’s and through the 1920’s and 1930s. Sifting through the interesting library, they found yellowed newspaper clippings, telling of some of the business successes of their son.

Marcia thought these findings might have been overlooked and could be meaningful. She carefully packaged everything up in a shirt box and mailed it off. Joe and Carmelita were thrilled. They invited the Stultz family to their charming home in San Diego. Marcia fondly remembers the visit, seeing their vegetable garden and coming home with fresh produce. Joe and Carmelita’s cabin sign is still on the tree out back:

No one has ever complained about owning the land next door. When the seller of this adjoining lot called recently, it didn’t take long to realize the land needed to go to a neighbor. The dreams and plans of the past are not able to come to fruition now with newer county requirements. So glad it worked out for Steve and Marcia. They have fond memories over the past 34 years of venturing over to this half acre enjoying the view that is now theirs!

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