Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 21, 2021

Need a KnoxBox?

From: Vaucher, Yvonne
Subject: County Debuts Life-Saving Knox Box Program

Please post with info for the Knox Box posted on the County Fire website:

When San Diego County Fire is called upon to help during emergencies, their mission is clear. To reach those in need, as quickly and safely as possible.

Sometimes, they must overcome barriers. Locked doors are among those barriers, when residents cannot reach them due to their conditions.

The Residential KnoxBox Program is designed to give residents a back-up plan to be accessible during crisis.

Qualifying residents will receive a lock box at no cost. Inside, a spare house key can be stored for access by County Fire during emergencies. County Fire will install the box. 

Click to learn about who qualifies and how to apply.

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