Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 29, 2021

More snow on the way?

Palomar Mountain has been treated to a beautiful snow. We’re up here on snow alert! About 16 inches fell from our last storms. Yesterday’s forecast had promised more snow then it changed to ‘heavy rain’. But look at the forecast now! Maybe up to 11 more inches by Friday night? Here is another Palomar weather Station. Ohmygoodness! Time will tell which one is the most accurate.

Meanwhile, if you are thinking of coming up for some snow fun, please carefully read through ‘Snow Tips’. In addition, here is the latest scoop:

Four Wheel Drive vehicles are the very best – you might consider renting them. You MUST have chains. CHP may require you install your chains before coming up the grade.

Visiting mid-week has a lot fewer tourists up than on weekends. Arriving very early in the morning is always better than later in the day. We have very limited parking. The County Road crews have been working around the clock and today brought in more equipment and pushed the snow further off the sides of the main roads in anticipation of even more.

The General Store is the ONLY place open up on Palomar. (Please patronize them!) However, Mother’s Kitchen is closed so you’ll want to bring your own lunch. Observatory is closed. State Park has hiking only.

Be sure to plan to take all your trash back with you.

A trash-free mountain would be very nice. We don’t have ‘city employees’ to clean up trash. We don’t even have public trash cans. Clean up is left to the locals that hike around and have picked up way to much trash over the years. Thank you for your help to keep Palomar the special place it is.

Questions? Glad to get them answered. A phone call is usually the quickest.

Bonnie Phelps, Four Season Realtor having lots of fun in the Snow


  1. Wish I was there! Magnificent picture of the turkey. Was so nice to have that brief time with you and thanks for your help and support. ENJOY‼️ The wonderful snow❣️❄️☃️

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