Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 21, 2021

Winds a blowin’!

Most of you are watching the the forecast for strong winds, a tease of rain and snow and now more snowflakes next week, too.

Our Treasures (grandkids) have been here during the first of this blistery storm to help bring in firewood, “button down the hatches” and get the horse all situated in his stable. It was like being in a very dramatic reality show. The wind was so loud and strong and several times fun flurries of wanna-be-snow arrived on State Park Road. A couple hours later I talked to Cecilia Borland out on Birch Hill. They hadn’t had wind at all. Crazy times! Everything is calm now with sunny sky. We’ve gathered up the sleds that had blown all around, picked up a few downed branches and are ready for the next storm.

The wind over the past few days was so much stronger than the last time we had a planned power outage. Thankfully we all kept our power this time. However, speaking of outages, some of you on Crestline and Birch Hill may have a planned power outage 8 am to noon-ish Friday.

Looking out from my desk, I love to watch this flag.

Long may it wave,



  1. I think the humidity level wasn’t low enough to fit into the SDG&E plan to shut down the power..I haven’t seen this type of non-stop wind action since the late 70’s here in Valley Center..

  2. Weird winds here in Fallbrook too. A friend a few miles north was almost blown off her hill recently while we had totally calm conditions on our hill in south-central Fallbrook. Micro-climates abound.


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