Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 25, 2020

Rattlesnakes are not obeying stay home orders!


Visited with a neighbor yesterday who said his kids have seen several rattle snakes on their property the past few days.  In spite of the Stay Home orders, those snakes are out cruising around without masks!!!  All joking aside, be on the lookout.

Click for a great article – it is from Colorado but applies to our own backyards ’round the mountain.

Watch your step,



  1. I was going to say, that picture is an eastern timber also called canebrake rattler from the East. We have two species on the mountain, the southern pacific rattler (western rattler subspecies) and the Southwest speckled. The former is more aggressive and the latter less so but more toxic. Be safe, wear gaiters and or use a long walking stick to probe ahead in the grass.


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