Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 26, 2020

Bailey Fire in Good Hands


Palomar had a fire tonight.  We are thankful for our local Cal Fire and the many other fire trucks and law enforcement that showed up.  My guess is there may be more trucks heading this way through the night and tomorrow for the clean up.

The fire is at the end of Bailey Road.  We were there about 10 pm when I took these photos, watching with other neighbors.  The fire did not burn the Bailey House or the vintage dance hall/barn at all.  Apparently there is a new barn/workshop to the north east with some propane tanks close by that got involved and the fire got up in some trees.  We live close by and are going to bed now because we are confident the trained professionals will get everything under control just fine.

Here are a couple more pix for you taken from the left of the main Bailey House.  Glad the response was so quick tonight!

IMG_3263 IMG_3259IMG_3261

Sleep well neighbors!  We have lots to be thankful for.

Bonnie Phelps



  1. wow, glad youse are ok.

  2. Hi Sharon, I thought you might be concerned. So I drove up your driveway about an hour ago just to double check. All is well. You are a distance away. It is on the other side of the Big House. Sleep well.

  3. Thank you for posting pictures. Since I am the closest neighbor, very concerned. Am off mountain.

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