Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 25, 2020

Oh-So-Private Lifestyle For Sale

IMG_9414 (1)

Over the past few weeks most folks have had a major lifestyle change with needing to stay home.  I understand it has been very stressful for many.  Well, here on Palomar, we have been having a wonderful time.  I invite you to consider this amazing mountain as a full time adventure or a much-needed weekend getaway to look forward to.

The last seven years, I’ve been so blessed to have worked from home with the great internet. Depending on the day, my husband is still out on his horse or tractor.  Our lifestyle here on Palomar hasn’t changed much.  I have found myself pretty thankful for those Home Ec classes in high school and college as we have enjoyed fresh produce from a local farm and re-visiting healthy recipes from my mom.  After all our snow and welcomed rain the last few weeks, we are now thrilled with the promise of sunny days.  It is so amazing to live where we have the fun of the four seasons. This week I hiked on dirt roads, swapped howdys with neighbors social distancing and took in our fresh Springtime air.  When the sun goes down, we always have the option of sitting ’round a campfire.   Sometimes I say being up here is like a step back in time 100 years or so – good old-fashioned fun!

Would you like to join us or do you know someone you might share this with?   Click to see the MLS info and photos of this charming cabin on four acres.  Then let’s connect on a time for you to come up.  We each drive our own vehicles.  I go in, turn on the lights, open the doors, then step back so we can easily keep our distance.  Then, if you’d like, we can walk the enchanting property.   How does that sound?

The perfect recipe for stress-release is waiting for you.

Come on up and let’s go see!

Bonnie Phelps

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