Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 3, 2020

Palomar Composer for The Outpost

Music composer Larry Groupe stands under the dome of the 200-inch telescope operated by California Institute of Technology.  In late August Groupe will premiere a new piece for a string quartet which will be performed on the observatory floor of the Palom

Relaxing in front of the fire tonight, I remembered when I first met Larry Groupe.  He was captured by the view from a cabin on Palomar.  The perfect setting to write his music. That was nearly 16 years ago.  Click and search to see quite a few PMNews posts since then and be sure to check out Larry’s website.  I also just came across a fun post about music for a string quartet he created and had performed at the Observatory. Take a listen.

Larry shared the news about his latest project, The Outpost, based on a true story:

the outpost

From: Larry Groupé – “The Outpost” is premiering at SXSW!

Hello friends,

I wanted to alert you to my latest film “The Outpost”. It is premiering at SXSW next week! This war drama film is based on CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s best selling book of the same name, that brought to light the real events of these soldiers and their predicament. Without spoiling anything this film looks at the day in and day out challenges of our unsung heroes which are rank and file troops. Due to the extreme situation they are in we focus on the camaraderie and the dedication they have for each others safety. Full description is here. I wrote the original score and also co-wrote the end credit song.

Starring Orlando Bloom, Scott Eastwood and Caleb Landry Jones. Directed by Rod Lurie.

Most sincerely,


We expect a theatrical release by this summer, and Netflix will be streaming distributor after that.

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