Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 29, 2020

Palomar Mountain Cabins for Sale

Longing to see Cabins-in-the-Snow?  We might get a dusting this weekend but right now all is clear with sunny sky.  Just had to share these pix from the first of the year because there is No Business Like Snow Business!


Grandpa’s Cabin is back on the market! Lender issues came up so buyers weren’t able to complete the escrow.  We were almost to the finish line!  So, this charming cabin is really ready now for a fast closing.  We have a clean pest inspection, septic cert, chimney sweep, and a property inspection, all on file.

When the cabin was built about 100 years ago, several of the neighbors were related and no one worried about property lines.  That little neighborhood is just packed full of wonderful memories.  A recent survey showed that we actually shared a driveway with a neighboring property.  Measurements were done and a deed will be finished the first of the week making it nice and clean for a legal easement.  Click for MLS info and you might enjoy some fun family history going back to 1921.


Mountain Music has also had recent work done making the cabin better than ever! Brand new tile is being installed in the entry.  The ceiling sprinklers were replaced last week.  Years ago during a cold storm, pipes froze.  This week they are all brand new and have a simple system to drain in the winter.  The septic was pumped and certified.  And, we’re finishing up an easement, too.  The neighbor had a survey a couple decades ago that put the big water tank for the fire department stand pipe, on his land.  Since then, it has been a nice ‘gentleman’s agreement’.  But now, the kind neighbor offered an easement to have recorded.  Life is good!

Everything is ready to go for a smooth escrow for you to move right in, have a great weekend getaway and maybe even a much-loved vacation rental. The present owners have nothing but 5 star reviews!   Click for MLS info and more photos. 

Falling Cedar Cabin has another week or so and we’ll have new owners celebrating with their new cabin.  About the same time we should finish up the escrow for the South Grade land with a couple who has been looking for the perfect land the past few years.  Their dream is coming true!

Rain, shine, sleet or snow, I always welcome the opportunity to meet new folks that just might be our next a new neighbor!

What’s YOUR dream?  Let’s connect!

Bonnie Phelps, Four-Season Realtor




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