Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 1, 2019

Like Air Conditioning?


We only really have a handful of hot days on this beautiful mountain. But, when it is hot, it’s HOT.  After living on Palomar 21 years, we finally got a  mini-split with AC in our little apartment above the garage.

Two other companies that have installed up here gave bids.  They both did excellent work and owners are very pleased.  However, they were both so busy through the summer.  This is when you need it!  I found Mike on FB Marketplace and he came up a few days later.  After installation, I got a call from someone he gave a bid to in San Diego.  The man asked if were pleased. He said he was skeptical because Mike’s price was $3000 to $5000 lower than two other bids he’d had.  YES, we are nice and cool and very pleased.

Mike gave his license number and said they are insured.  858-220-0871

He also installs Central AC and heating systems, in addition to the mini-splits.

Here’s the disclaimer: We have no tie to the above and cannot guarantee the product, service or satisfaction. Yes, we were pleased with his work but you are on your own.
Bonnie Phelps and Family

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