Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 10, 2019

Staging in the works!


So much is happening in Real Estate!!!  I’ve planned this post since 4th of July Weekend when that pic was taken.  (Long may it wave!)  It has been so crazy busy getting cabins, homes and land ready to take those photos and market for touring new buyers.

Lenders don’t like pealing paint, so that is being taken care of up front for you at a several locations.  Lenders also require a ‘permanent source of thermostat controlled heat’.  Fireplaces and wood stoves don’t count anymore.  So, we have contractors, handymen and property owners installing several different types of very affordable options to satisfy that requirement.

Heavy equipment with a water tender and road base showed up to make a nearly 100 year old road, drivable without the risk of sliding into the ditch – again.  Tow truck time has happened twice since we started staging this property.  Triple A was called once, and the second time a helpful neighbor towed the visiting property owner out.  The road hadn’t been driven on in many years and the surface dirt became a powdery fluff.  It will be at it’s very best for the new buyers.

With all our wonderful rain this year, trees and brush have really grown fast so properties are being groomed to the Forest Service standards. I’ve learned over the years that it is better to do the cleanup prior to marketing.  “You never have a second chance to make a first impression”. It also gets those branches off the roofs, away from the chimneys and we get an A+ from the inspector to turn over to the new owner.  Most important, the insurance companies are more inclined to write the policy so we don’t encounter delays with closing escrow.

Click to see ‘Before and Afters’ on Staged to Sell.  I’ve sure had a lot of fun these past two decades but need to get new pix up!  Those four pages will give you a good idea of the transformation that can happen at your property, too.

Signs needed a dusting off and they are going up real soon. Lots of new offerings heading our way.

Meanwhile, do you have a property you are considering selling?  The past 21 years of being your Resident Realtor, I’ve always offered my part of staging as a free service.

Let’s connect on your goals and get your questions answered.

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor

For all your Real Estate needs since the beginning of the Century!





  1. Very nicely written! Go get’em!

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