Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 31, 2019

Need a Roofer?


In the middle of the heavy rains, we discovered two leaks in our roof.  We put some quick band aids up and had several companies gave us a bid.  However, as soon as it warmed up and nice weather arrived, they said they were booked way out in advance.  Knowing we could have summer thunderstorms, we were searching for other options. One of my clients had a roof installed at his new home in RB.  He was pleased with the work and passed on the name.

Apolinar “Pollie” Varona and his brother arrived and went to work.  He is willing to come to Palomar and they made it happen!  So nice to have on the job and we are so pleased with the results. His price also came in lower than other bids. Pollie and crew finished a Crestline cabin a couple weeks ago and will be back to do another mid month.

Here is a tip:  Don’t be tempted to just add a layer over what you have on the roof now.  I couldn’t believe the wood damage under our composition shingles in some areas; around the fireplace, in the valleys where we had some leaking and under the satellite and internet dishes (they are mounted differently now).  Pollie and crew does it all, so repairs happened without any delays.

Call or Text:  Pollie Varona 760-519-0697

Here’s the disclaimer: We have no tie to the above and cannot guarantee the product, service or satisfaction. Yes, we were pleased with his work but you are on your own.
Bonnie Phelps and Family


  1. Bonnie, I don’t need a roofer but I do need a digger who speaks English to uncover my septic tank covers.  I am too old to do it.  If you know of someone, let me know. Your friends at Center Septic did a good job on Dorothy’s tank.

    RegardsFred Brown

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