Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 2, 2019

Do you have a PO Box?


Do you have a “no fee” PO Box?  Your box might get closed!

No fee boxes are provided as a free service when you show a copy of your deed, since we don’t have mail delivery.  However, each year, you are to sign a card to renew that box.  I’ve been living on Palomar and selling Real Estate for over 20 years and didn’t know that.

I just had a ‘learning opportunity’ and this is a heads up so YOU don’t get your box closed.

Here is what happened:

Mail had not been picked up in a box that was set up two years ago March.  Mail was picked up the end of February.  Mail was not picked up during the month of March when a card was put in the box that needed to be signed and returned.  10 days later another card was put in the box to sign and return.  Even though the PO has phone numbers on file, they are not allowed to give a call to see if you want to keep your box.  The box is closed. The mail in the box was returned (!) and the lock is changed.

In this situation, the closed box was discovered when the mail box key would not work.  The box holder was able to renew the box and keep the same number (for $28.00 for a ‘no fee’ box, less $6.00 for returning two keys).  But 30 days of mail is long gone!

I was told “it happens all the time”.  It is a Post Office rule.  There is no bending the rules.

There was quite a list on the wall of boxes coming up that will be closed if the PO doesn’t have their signed form back in time.  The next time you are in the Post Office, be sure to check on your date of when you first got your box. You might want to set a reminder in your calendar to confirm each year that you sign their form and get it turned in.

Also, the wonderful man on Palomar, who greets all of us with a smile, Mayolo, is a pleasure to deal with.  He is just doing his job and needs to go by the rules.

Thanks Mayolo for being there for us and we hope you have fewer boxes to close this year!

Bonnie Phelps



  1. Thanks, Bonnie for all the news that’s hard for us owners to get.

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