Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 6, 2019

Fun Show – Save the Date


Not to brag or anything, but when it comes to tap, this neighbor of ours still has it!

Pull backs? Double pull-backs? Wings? One-footed wings? Time steps? Double speed? She can do them all over 20 years later!

I met this gal when she was a toddler.  Our families went to the same church when our kids were growing up.  During high school, Heidi’s mom brought her over for me to do her makeup for a special tap dance recital.  A couple years later, she was dating our son.  Now Brandon and Heidi just celebrated their 19th Anniversary and are parents of our four ‘Treasures’.

Heidi and her daughters are having so much fun rehearsing for Thoroughly Modern Millie.  Another very talented mountain Mom, Jodi Villarreal, and daughters are in the show too.  Heidi and Jodi have discount tickets and here is all the info.  You can also get them at the door:




  1. 19th???!!! Where is my walker?!!

    Eric Stubbs


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