Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 28, 2019

Fresh Eggs from Happy Hens


Scramble on over for fresh eggs from happy hens!  Sunshine’s chickens are organically fed, hand raised, come in many colors and are snuggled-by-the Treasures (oh, you know, our grandkids!).

Sunshine’s hens are laying about two dozen eggs a day!

You are welcome to call or message me to reserve your eggs.

Directions to the Stand: From the Summit, take State Park Road just over a mile.  You can’t miss the Woodpecker Firewood and Egg Stand on your right.

Sunshine’s eggs are guaranteed to start your day with a Sunny Smile!


  1. Good for Miss. Sunshine! I look forward to tasting those gorgeous looking eggs!!

    • Thank you. Looking forward to having YOU up here! Happy Spring!

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