Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 27, 2018

20 inches of Snow?!??

100 snow

About 2:00 today I was on the phone with a property owner of one of my listings.  We were talking about the weather since he has a crew finishing up at few things at his property to get escrow closed.  I clicked online and saw the snow predicted tonight plus tomorrow should be about 7 inches total at the most.

A few minutes ago, I went on line again to read the forecast to the buyer’s agent.  Ohmygoodness!!!!  At this very moment, the forecast has jumped to a possibility of 21 inches in the next 24 hours!  Snow maybe at 2500 feet and lots of that white stuff.  Well, all the mountain kids are excited!

Here are Snow Tips for property owners and visitors.  Bundle up and enjoy this beautiful weather heading our way!

We have the best parking in town, great sled runs and lots of hot chocolate.  Love to have you pop by!

Bonnie and Don




  1. Your awesome guys. Love to you. Chuck


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