Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 26, 2018

To Catch a Thief


One of the squatter/thieves was caught where he came back for another load on South Grade!

The property owner is pretty excited after catching one of the crooks this morning! That felon from San Bernardino was hauled off where he belongs.  Neighbor, Glen Hegstad, a 65-year-old man who happens to be a jujitsu teacher, was ready for him.  After the criminal adopted an aggressive posture, Glen had no choice but to give him a message to take back to jail, after a first stop at the hospital.

A neighbor drove in early this morning and saw a pick up truck he didn’t recognize.  It was near the cabin where the squatters had made themselves at home.  The neighbor called the property owner who promptly contacted other neighbors and the Sheriff on his way to detain the crook.  This one was not getting away.

The property owner was able to defend himself and his property and with help from another neighbor with a rifle, detained the squatter/thief until the sheriff arrived.  They made it perfectly clear that Palomar Mountain has zero tolerance for that kind of activity and encouraged him to tell all his buddies to stay away from Palomar. They are pretty confident their message sunk in and made quite an impact.

“That was the whole point of the extensive discussion I had with the suspect was to direct public attention to the fact that messing around on Palomar Mountain could be hazardous to your health.”, said Glen.

They encouraged the thief to tell where he towed the trailer that he stole and he readily gave them that info.  They also found much of their stolen property in his truck.  Included was a camera with many photos of their items, plus items perhaps stolen from other areas.  These photos were apparently ready for the crook to post for a quick sale.  His gig is over but his girlfriend (he willingly provided her name when questioned -what a guy!) and perhaps another squatter are still out there.

Glen and his brother were able to pick up their trailer and the Sheriff’s Department released the rest of their stolen goods today.

Fresh tracks for a dually truck were on his brother’s property that was also involved so all are keeping a lookout for a dually that matches those tracks. If anyone has any info to pass on just reply and I’ll connect you with the heroes.   You may also call the Valley Center Sheriff’s Office.  They will probably recognize the case as the one where, thankfully, the property owner is a little sore, but fine and the crook left the mountain with a broken jaw and multiple injuries in an ambulance.


  1. Bonnie, Bravo !!! RegardsFred Brown

  2. Very good job neighbors.

  3. Awesome News. Glen, you are awesome. Hope you are all well. There is a nice low cost system that can record, notify and been seen through your phone. You will also need the hard drive to record.

    • Thanks Lafe. This area is off grid so a little more complicated than where we have power and consistent internet but it is being worked on.

  4. Awesome story, justice has been delivered on Palomar Mountain! Yea Glen!


  5. Do you think these guys might have been involved with the burglary that took place several months ago up there?

    • Law enforcement is checking all. So thankful for a job well done.

  6. Great job!!! Glad to hear it was a win on our side. Wish they all ended this way.

    • That is right. Hooray for the Palomar Posse!

  7. Fantastic! Great job neighbors!

  8. Great news


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