Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 25, 2018


Connect with your neighbors and really keep an extra-watchful eye out.

A property owner that was up last weekend, arrived at his gate yesterday to see it had been damaged.  Lowlife had brought up camp chairs, had a campfire going and really made themselves at home.  When the owner arrived, no one was there but they left his generator running and a pitcher of iced tea.  So he missed them maybe by just a few minutes.  The thieves loaded up his utility trailer and hauled off things with other stuff staged for the next trip.

The bottom-dwelling bad guys found a road that connects neighboring properties including a nice cabin to ransack and move in out of the cold.  Had their clothes and food there and were really settling in.

They also had brought a wheel barrow to the property that was full of tools.  If you have a wheel barrow and tools missing, the guess is it might have been stolen from another property. Reply and I’ll connect you with the property owner.  The sheriff was up for a report.

Let’s all be good neighbors.

Take photos if you see anything suspicious.

Get that license plate number.

Set. Up. Trail. Cams.    Like trail cams installed?  Talk to Frank!

Let’s get these guys.


  1. I think people need to get serious about trail / hunting cameras..

  2. would love to know whereabouts on the mountain this is happening?

  3. Where did this happen?

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