Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 27, 2018

Is this your Toyota?

It is about to get towed!  Quick, move it quick!

The car has been parked on Robert’s property, but off the road for the last week or so.  He is guessing it belongs to a local.

During snow, be sure to always park off the road, on the outside of the white line to prevent getting towed.

From:  Robert Carlyle

Someone in a white Toyota (last 4 digits: A083), parked on Bailey Meadow Road. This means that the snow plow can’t plow the road and trying to go around it in the snow and ice will most likely smash in the side trying to get by. I’m told they are going to tow it per the California Vehicle Code which prohibits parking on roads + inhibiting snow plow snow removal.




  1. Years ago there was a car parked by the side of the road near my house.
    After 2 days I got curious and searched the woods nearby. I found the driver, dead, a suicide. Might be worthwhile to have a look around.

    • Oh, so sad! This Toyota is a neighbor’s car. Just don’t know what cabin they live in.

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