Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 18, 2017

Extreme Mountain Snowfall?


That’s what they say!  When I add up the inches promised this morning on NOAA, I get 29 for Palomar.  The forecast changes, sometimes, a couple times a day, however much we get, another beautiful snow is headed our way.

I do love snow.  It is very wonderful to have a plow in the driveway, the driver living under the same roof, and trainees moved in next door (that is the best part!).

OLD TIMERS – We can all learn from the old timers up here know what to do; propane tanks are topped off, culvert’s cleaned out, firewood supply in, cars parked close to plowed roads with wipers up, extra food and water, just in case. With the high winds expected, we could also have power outages. Doing some planning ahead, avoids being inconvenienced.

NEW FOLKS – You new folks might benefit by checking out our  ‘Resident Tips’ at:   You’ll also find a weather link, webcams (I need to update some of those!), CHP road conditions and more.

TOURISTS –  I get many calls from tourists wondering if we have snow.  To make your trip the most enjoyable, please carefully read the top of this page, written in red:   In addition, the weekends are always VERY crowed after a big snow.  If you can come mid-week, you have a much better chance of parking where you would not risk getting ticketed.

Everyone is welcome to give me a call with questions you might have.   Of course, I’m always open to sharing real estate opportunities on our beautiful mountain.

Bonnie Phelps


  1. Finally a normal winter.

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