Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 21, 2017

Extreme Weather Up Here!


Most of us have had the flash flood warning for Palomar come to us this afternoon. You might think being on top of a mountain, we wouldn’t have flooding.  Well, there is a LOT of water out there and it causes other problems, too.  Apparently quite a few downed branches with these high winds.  Mud and rock slides to watch out for, culverts get blocked pretty quick and there is standing water like we haven’t seen in many years. (I’ve always wanted a pond in the orchard. If only we’d dug the hole a few days ago, if only…)

Jim and Teresa McCarthy are up checking on their vacation rentals.  She posted this photo on Facebook. That is her husband in yellow checking out that downed oak  blocking Crestline. Thanks to all who work together to help make Palomar safe and the wonderful community it is.

My last post I said “according to NOAA” we were promised the possibility of  29 inches of snow over this storm.  So far it has just been pretty much slushy, constant rain.  Still the possibility of a few more inches of snow before the weekend. If some of you have a better source for weather forecast, please send my way.  Meanwhile, we’ll just continue to look out the window and enjoy the ‘showers of blessings’ headed our way.

Don’t forget to pack that chain saw when out and about!




  1. sounds fun, I remember downed trees on south grade years ago. People get mesmerized racing down at night and smack. Putting out flare slowed them down.

  2. We miss the mountain. Lots of fun times up there. We are getting lots of rain down in the low lands.

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