Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 1, 2017

Last Snow of 2016


Poured rain much of yesterday and last night. A little before midnight, it got real quiet.  I turned on an outside light and it was snowing.  So beautiful – real windy and really coming down.  A few minutes later it stopped.  I do believe all the snow on the ground was from when “We were sixteen, going on seventeen, Baby, it’s time to snow…”   (All you Sound of Music fans, I couldn’t resist).

Like to come see our snow?  Mid-week is the absolute best.  Today there will be lots of cars and virtually no parking.  Roads are plowed.  Please respect private property and take your trash back with you.  If you do park along the side of the road, be sure you are outside the white line or tickets are promised.

Looking forward to our first snow for 2017!  Make it a great Year and Climb Every Mountain!

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