Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 26, 2016

Not $225 – now Free!

launch camp

Subject: Not $225 for a week of camp – now FREE!

Who do you know that would like a great day camp for kids this week?  Starts tomorrow morning!

Posted on the Palomar Christian Conference Center website for $225 per child.  However, thanks to a donation, all kids can attend at no charge for this week, at Pauma Valley Church 9 to 4.  Tomorrow through Friday.

Staff from the Palomar Conference Center did an amazing job at a pre-Launch this morning at Pauma Church and invited me to post this to the Mountain News.

Do you have kids or friends with kids 1st through 6th grade who would like to go to camp this week? They will have a blast, that’s a promise!

Click for all the details:

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