Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 29, 2016

Welcome Vladimir and Samurai


It was such a pleasure to meet Vladimir Sverdlov as he looked at cabins on Palomar. He considered a couple fixers but then decided on his cabin with lots of updates that is now in his name!  When he came up for his Walk-Through prior to closing, he brought Samurai, who instantly made himself at home, very happy to join us up here in the trees and fresh air.

Vladimir wrote his intro to share with you and is looking forward to making new friends as he and Samurai are out and about on “their” mountain:

“When Vladimir brought two-months old German Shepherd puppy to his house, he knew he should give him something more than a home. So he gave him a mountain (sorry, squirrels). As for the one, who’d been rescued, sitting next to the fireplace, watching seasons passing by, being carried away with the snow floating in the air and descending onto those slopes and writing books… what else one needs in this world?”


  1. Thank you everyone! And I (we) look forward to meet new friends in the mountains!!!

  2. Welcome Vladimir,
    When next we come up I hope to meet you. I am also an author. The mountain is a lovely place to write without interruption. I wrote two memoirs about my grandmother, who also was a writer. She first came up Palomar in 1904. The mountain has many aspects that remain the same as it was in 1904. I am thankful we do not need to travel up Nate Harrison grade in a blizzard like she did. That story is in: “Elsie’s Mountain- Memories of Palomar & S. California 1897-1987.” Enjoy Palomar!
    Barbara Anne Waite
    Here is one of my favorite poems she wrote about Palomar:

    Across the peaks of Palomar a winter wind is blowing;
    The mountain air is crisp and keen: tonight it may be snowing.
    Against the slopes of mauve and bronze the evergreens are looming,
    Where only flowers of memory still linger in their blooming.
    –Elsie Hayes Roberts

  3. Добро пожаловать, Владимир и Самурай! (красивая собака!) Приятно познакомиться!

    Welcome to the mountain! I also enjoy writing – and as you can see, I speak a little bit of Russian! (but only a little bit!) Our family would love to meet you and Samurai!!!

    I wrote a book for a little girl, who is battling cancer, and I was asked to translate this little book into Russian also. Bonnie is always kind enough to write articles about my little stories 🙂 (Bonnie -can you post your article?)

    When we meet, I will bring you a copy of this children’s book (and some Russian chocolate!!) – but for now- here is the link so you can see it.

    Looking forward to meeting you and Samurai!
    Leah 🙂

  4. It looks like you have another writer on the mountain, Bonnie!

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