Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 26, 2016

Welcome Dana!

dana barre

Dana Barre is the newest smiling face serving Palomar Mountain!  She is with the US Forest Service and was just recently promoted to the Patrol Captain for our Palomar Ranger District.  Among her many duties, Dana will be who you meet when you call next season for a Burn Permit.  She will do the inspection for clearance, water availability, tools on hand and is the one to give the go-ahead to burn your slash.

We met Dana at our meeting this morning of the Fire Safe Council. Welcome to Palomar!



  1. years ago there was a bulletin on allowed number of trees on a parcel. Can you supply that to me. Why are you permitting/negligent, an overgrowth of trees (young) on parcels to grow into a fire storm on Mt. Palomar?

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