Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 28, 2023

20+ more inches of snow this week? Here are some tips…

With this forecast, I just added up the potential for maybe up to 20 more inches of snow?!? What if we only get half of that? We will still have a lot more snow to deal with.

This afternoon, I was just clicking ‘publish’ to get this message heading your way, when the power went out. So I’ve updated a bit with our generator running. I’m told we’re to have power back about midnight. A couple SDG&E trucks just went by toward the State Park. (THANK YOU!)

My tractor driver has been out plowing and I think we are going to see a lot more situations like this branch blocking a little dirt road. There is so much heavy snow in the trees now. With more weight, and the promise of maybe 75 MPH wind, we could have a lot more branches down as the storm continues. Careful where you park.

Today’s Tip #1 – If you must be out, always have a shovel, a good chain saw and some kitty litter with you. It might help keep you moving. Of course, a couple nights ago when State Park Road was totally blocked by huge branches, it would have taken awhile to open up the road on your own. But, we saw the County Road Heroes pull in to their station, we told them about it, so they turned around and got that tree out of the road quick as can be with their big equipment. Kitty litter? Yes, stuck on slippery ice? Dig out a bit and then sprinkle kitty litter on the ice, works great to get going again. No kitty litter? You can always use your your car floor mats for great traction. They have worked for me but end up pretty muddy!

Tip #2 – I am so spoiled. You might appreciate these foot warmers I slip in my boots. (I don’t get a cut, just sharing info for a couple great products.) You might have them delivered to a friend in the Flatlands or you are welcome to use our address…. those delivery guys know they can always pull in our place. Just message me if you’d like to try it and I’ll give you our info. Several folks have had packages delivered here.

Tip #3 – While you are at it, you might order some of these ice cleats for your boots, too. I’d seen several neighbors walking so confidentially so had to get some for myself- no more slipping on the ice! They have been wonderful!

Tip #4 – If you are up to it, between storms you might consider shoveling as much of your snow as you can off your vehicles, the tops of those travel trailers, sheds, stairs and walk ways. We are looking at below freezing temps and it is so much easier to clean up a bit before the snow is very heavy ice. Remembering back to a heavy snow years ago, several folks up here had their small storage sheds and travel trailer roofs cave in…

Tip #5 – The Big Guys out! That huge loader has done a great job ‘shaving’ the road. I’ve been driving all around with my 4WD today, just fine. We do get new snow tires every year (and might have all of Tip #1 with you).

Tip #6 – When it starts to get dark, I’ve been lighting a few of candles in glass containers, just in case. If the power goes out after dark, the candles are giving plenty of light to do what needs to do be done. Nice ambiance with the view from my desk, so enjoy them during the day, too.

Tip #7 – Be sure to always stock all the fixings for hot chocolate. Oh you know, milk (instead of water!), marshmallows, whipped cream and some cinnamon. Yes, very important. You just never know when neighbors will pop by.

Bonnie Phelps, always thinking up more tips to share!

Real Estate News?

Yes, lots of new listings coming your way when the snow melts!

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