Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 23, 2023

Henshaw Café Job Available

Looking for a job? Lake Henshaw Café is hiring! They are in need of a server. It would be a great place to work because their food is so good. Owners, Wendy and Greg have been in the restaurant business for many years. Their menu includes their most popular steaks, ribs, salad, sandwiches and burgers. They also have delicious Mexican food and the best pizza ever! So, you could go home with some nice tips. Text or call Wendy for an interview: 760-6907994

With this big storm coming yesterday we had cabin fever so went to Henshaw Café for lunch. I glanced at my messages. My DIL had commented on a post by mountain neighbor, Terri Sproul mentioning the Café was hiring. Wendy had just brought soup. I asked her to pose for a quick photo. Don started in on his homemade vegetable soup then my bacon burger arrived with yummy onion rings to share:

Wendy’s husband Greg was back in the kitchen making a rib dinner and a meat lover’s pizza to-go. Can’t have too much variety when a big storm is on the way. But, I should have ordered several rib dinners!!! Nathan showed up right after we got home and polished off those ribs pretty fast!

Oh! Next Friday night the Smith Mountain Boys will be playing at Henshaw Café! Hope to meet the new server! Will it be YOU?

Bonnie Phelps, Mountain Realtor with Pizza for Lunch!

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