Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 18, 2023

Listing perk with Phelps Team

Have a place on the mountain you are considering of letting go? Let me tell you about one of our full-service perks. Part of our Team includes a certain tractor driver. He is out having a wonderful time during snow days, clearing the way for us to drive right in to show and sell. Since the beginning of the century, he has made it much easier for sellers to move out. Very happy new owners can unload easily and spend their first night at their new home, cabin or ranch.

(Thinking about that tractor driver I’ve been married to for decades, reminded me to look at the calendar. In two more days, he will have put up with me for 49 years!!! Can that be true?!?)

These owners flew in last night from out of state. They are on their way up to snag a few things and we’ll meet up to get everything rolling for you. Coming Soon! Along with 4 more listings with fun blue sky snow pix!

Always glad to talk Real Estate and just about anything else,

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor, DRE 01293655

Nathan Phelps, Broker, DRE 01410663

Don Phelps, Tractor Driver Extraordinaire, let’s see… Oh, I know: John Deere 5105


  1. One would think the tractor driver would have earned an enclosed cab tractor with heating, air conditioning, coffee maker, etc!

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