Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 15, 2023

Calm between the Storms

Aren’t the views from this mountain amazing? So beautiful driving down East Grade Friday evening. Just had to take this for you.

James and Crew with the County Road Station have been working overtime to get the rock slides off the pavement. I noticed several areas where they pushed road debris to the outside edges. They have job security as there is more to watch out for today and clean up to do. Thanks guys for all you do up here!

So much rain the past few weeks and close to 7 inches last night alone! Weather forcasts vary for our favorite mountain but the one I follow is teasing with maybe a foot of snow over the next couple days: Winter Wonderland for Palomar?

Enjoy every minute and just a reminder that you can always stop by Starstrucks at our place for your favorite free coffee, hot chocolate and tea!

Bonnie and Family

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