Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 23, 2022

Post Office Update

The past few times I’ve been in the post office, Yasmira is the smiling face working hard behind the window. She lives in Escondido and normally works out of the Pauma office. She comes up when she is assigned to Palomar. The goal is to arrive about 1:30 and stay until 4:30. However, the Pauma and Valley Center Post Offices are both short-handed so they are doing the best they can. Sometimes they are only able to put the mail up but not have the window open because they are needed back in Pauma.

Yasmira said when she is working she tries to put as many packages as possible in the available lockers. However, some of the other staff might not, as it is much quicker to use the yellow cards and they sometimes need to get back down the mountain as soon as they can.

If you are needing the window open, you might call the mountain post office first to see if someone is there. 760-742-3044

They are hoping that they have applicants to fill available job openings real soon for Palomar, Pauma and Valley Center Post Offices.

Apply on line, more job info here.

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