Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 16, 2022

Nature and Astrophotography from Tom Bartol

It was so interesting to host recent guests at StarLoft Vacation Rental. Tom and Wendy let me know they would be bringing his 300 pound equipment used for exploring the stars and his photography. They were initially concerned because of promised cloudy weather but the sky opened up and his photography tells the story of perfect conditions.

“As a Neuroscientist in the Computational Neurobiology Laboratory at the Salk Institute, it’s not that I’m passionate about many things, it’s more that I’m passionate about everything! My scientific explorations take me to many near and faraway places. I sometimes see things that no one has ever seen before, but also I look at familiar things in new ways. The more I open my eyes to what’s around me, the more I learn about myself. I realize that the observed and the observer are inextricably linked.

While some scientists deny their emotions in pursuit of objectivity, the truth is this is but an illusion. Instead, I choose to revel in the beauty of the natural world and hope to share this wondrous world with you.”

Tom Bartol

Tom and Wendy sent a few photos he captured during their getaway. Click to see some of Tom’s work available to purchase on Fine Art America. Tom shares info about his images, below.

From: Tom Bartol A great Astro and Nature adventure.

The astrophotographs include:

#6717:  The Lagoon Nebula, is a giant interstellar cloud, a star forming region of glowing interstellar dust lit by new stars in the constellation Sagittarius.  Located about 4100 lightyears from Earth.

#6734:  The Eagle Nebula (The Pillars of Creation), a star cluster and star forming region of glowing interstellar dust lit by new stars in the constellation Serpens.  Located 5700 lightyears from Earth.

NGC 7331 with Stefans Quintet, a group of galaxies located about 300 million lightyears from Earth!!!



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