Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | August 15, 2022

Thank you Proof-Readers!

One thing I’m pretty good at are typos. Thanks to several of you who pointed out my most recent goof. (Well, it did make it through spell check!) Even though I read that post several times today between calls and appointments, I don’t think I would have caught it in a million years. Thank you for your sharp eyes.

I can hear a marketing mentor many years ago saying “avoid words with seven letters or more” and ‘”Sesame Street It” by encouraging single subjects and keeping things simple.

My goof had 9 letters. If it had been the intended word, it would have had 10. So, I decided to Sesame Street It and change the goof to “many” on the third line here. Yes, many people are still waiting for the perfect property to make their dream come true on Palomar.

More coming up real soon!

Bonnie Phelps eating Humble Pie

(If there are typos in this post, I’m just going to blame it on the late hour! Goodnight everyone!)


  1. Typpoz r prety komon these here daze.

    • Oh, and I am soooo good at them! 😀

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