Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 22, 2022

Music and Fun at Lazy H Thursday Night

Dutch Bergman stopped by, warming up a bit in front of our fire. You know who Dutch is, right? He is one half of the Smith Mountain Boys. And … drum roll …. he is playing and singing with the other half, Bruce Druliner, this Thursday night at The H! Dutch was trying to tell us that the band has way more fun than anyone in the room. I beg to differ!!! The audience has waaaay more fun than the band!!!

Come on out Thursday night and judge for yourself!

Be sure to email Jack for reservations. Let him know if you are ok to share tables. Bring your pals and get to know your neighbors. Jack: Click for directions: Lazy H Resort

Thursday night we can all celebrate this week’s storm being over! Now the report is saying we might only get 7 inches instead of 17 – hooray! Oh nooooooo, it just changed to maybe 19 inches by Thursday! Check it out on NOAA. We’ll know for sure how much snow by show-time.

Warm up at the Lazy H listening to both halves of the Smith Mountain Boys!

See you there!

Bonnie Phelps, Toe-tapping Realtor on Highway to the Stars

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  1. Bonnie I love reading your posts. It’s a good God life fills my heart with warmth and love. Does the Cowboy ever change? Best partner ever, at work and in life.

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