Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 19, 2022

Phelps Real Estate is Moving Forward

Hello Friends,

Some of you might have heard there are some changes in the works for the Phelps Family.

Don, the cowboy I’m married to, and I bought our mountain home in 1975, sold it a few years later and bought the same house back in 1998. In 2006 we purchased the land above us with a 12 sided ’round house’ and added a stable to a workshop. It became the Hay Barn and our horses over the years had the amazing seven island view. We lived up there part time, shared it with Christian Conference Center guest speakers, pastor retreats, lots of friends and family and even had eight bride and grooms plus occasionally made it available as a vacation rental.

Our sons Nathan and Brandon have been with us on the mountain for the past few years. Nathan purchased what is now known as Cabin Fever, a charming Vacation Rental. Then Brandon and Heidi, along with our four Treasures (the grandkids) bought the Ranch and moved next door! A few years ago they acquired the property beyond them and have it as two Vacation Rentals: Star Havens and Star Loft.

This was a dream I’d never even dared to dream. Nathan moved to our guest apartment ‘Mountain Orchard Inn’ to be with family during the lockdown. We were so blessed as all our family was here for frequent dinners and so much fun. We’ve had such a ‘Wonderful Life’.

Well, the winds have changed and we’re all looking forward to even more exciting adventures.

A few days ago, Nate whipped up mountain raised steak with local fresh eggs for the brother’s breakfast that might be the last our sons will do together on Palomar. The next day Brandon and Heidi moved to Missouri! Nate was pulling out with a big moving van towing our little farm truck. Heidi took the girls and little dogs, pulling a loaded trailer with all sorts of critters. Don’s horse trailer was packed full plus kennels for the two big dogs. Brandon’s car had the musical instruments and the boys took turns riding with their Grandaddy or Unks (that would be Nathan).

What does all this have to do with Real Estate?

Glad you asked. As most of you know, Nathan has been my Broker the past few years. Brandon has had an amazing career, working from home as a computer engineer with his global company. However, with this pending move, he announced that he would like to team up with us working the exploding real estate market in Missouri. We don’t quite know how this will unfold but already have our first two clients!

What about Palomar Real Estate??? Well, it is rolling like never before!!! As of tonight I just spoke with clients on what will be my 15th new listing!!! True story!!! Crestline and Birch Hill homes and cabins, vacant land with ocean views, and a beautiful ranch will be on the market soon. Plus, Star Havens and Star Loft are coming up. Nate is keeping Cabin Fever and plans some remodeling there to live in ‘Shady Oaks’, the second cabin on that property. I’ll be back and forth but do eventually plan to sell our mountain home. It is very hard to think of leaving all our friends here but so hard to resist when those four Treasures (along with their Popi and Mommie) have asked, “GramBonnie, you are going to move with us to Missouri, too, aren’t you?” What was I to say but “Of course my darling”. Eventually we’ll be 15 minutes from those kids with lots of exciting times between now and then.

Thinking of listing your property on Palomar or in the cities? Like to own a piece of this beautiful mountain? Questions about why the family choose Missouri and what is available there for you?

We’ve got the answers, or will get them for you, and glad to be of service.

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor

In the Cities, Above the Clouds and soon showing in the Show Me State of Missouri


  1. Hi Bonnie, I was just sharing your newsletter with Doug. We had no idea or heard anything about you moving. That’s a big change. Growing up in Chicago at least I can vouch that Missouri has much more moderate temperates and more green open spaces. I’m not sure all the properties you have behind you With the barn etc. But always interested to learn more. We have friends asking about Now that they don’t have to go into an office.

    I’m doing open house tomorrow but hope to get out before dark and go up for a few days. I haven’t been up or a day off since before the new year. We are super busy here. Doug gets up more as we had slot more work done on the homes.

    Not sure what your plan is to transition but would love to talk to you about referring your business and still be able to serve your clients there. We are transitioning our business to scale more agents. I am not sure if there are other Realtors specifically on the mountain? It’s probably going to be a little sad but exciting for the next phase.


    On Fri, Feb 18, 2022 at 11:15 PM Palomar Mountain News wrote:

    > Bonnie Phelps posted: ” Hello Friends, Some of you might have heard there > are some changes in the works for the Phelps Family. Don, the cowboy I’m > married to, and I bought our mountain home in 1975, sold it a few years > later and bought the same house back in 1998. ” >

    • Thank you Janice. My son Nathan is my broker and we may continue working together. He still owns 3 properties in CA and has listings he is working on now. Several friends/clients are joining us in Missouri (where I still have not even visited). Fun times.

  2. Wow, crazy! Who’d a thunk it?! Palomar without Bonnie?!! Then again, we moved from San Diego to Maine to follow our one, now three, precious grandsons. One just never knows what’s around the corner in life. Best of luck to you all.

    • We’re at your half way spot and welcome visitors. I still haven’t even been to the state but many fun times ahead! Maine … sounds lovely (in the summer). 😀

  3. Wow, sounds like you and Don are starting a new adventure. Wishing you guys the very best.

    Sandie snd Bob Redding

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thank you Sandie and Bob. Hoping you are doing well in Julian. Love to meet up before we go – which may be awhile 😀

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