Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 9, 2022

Flying in Real Estate

Don’t you wish you could fly? I feel like have have been the past few weeks. So busy!!!

My last Real Estate post included three homes for sale on the mountain. Within a few days, we had multiple offers, over asking, and have three new families so excited to be in escrow.

Sellers were busy moving, it was snowing, lots of staging was done, house cleaners arrived, disclosure packages were out for signatures, we celebrated Christmas, inspections completed, repairs in the works, I’ve taken appraisers ’round to measure all and shoot their comps, it snowed again, the bird flew by, we celebrated New Years (Happy 2022!!!), survey work is being done, easements are all plotted, and the first escrow is to close in a week. Here is what is in Pending. But alas, what about the other folks with offers??? So sad! They still want a place of their own on our magical mountain!

Yes, I always seem to have homes, cabins, ranches or land coming up. But, we could sure use MORE! Thinking about letting your mountain property go? I do believe I’ve met some folks recently who would be over the moon to be the next owner, plus all the patient subscribers on PMNews. They are all so anxious to create their happy mountain memories on Palomar.

It was sooooooo beautiful at Mountain Rose after the snow, I had to take a few pix. I didn’t notice the bird until I was looking through the photos later. Thanks to Jim and Teresa McCarthy, who confirmed it is a chickadee.

Thinking of selling? The timing hasn’t been better. Buyers will fly right up to see the newest listings!

Let’s get your questions answered!

Bonnie Phelps, Realtor

In the Cities and Above the Clouds


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