Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 16, 2021

First Snow Walk-About

We were promised up to seven inches overnight but I think most of us were happy with just the dusting this time. Had an early showing for my custom home listing on East Grade. It was 24 degrees when we went out to get in the truck. The door handles were frozen shut. Burrr! I was glad to have my heated sox on. (Yes, they really are nice!)

The snow line was right at Will Valley. We drove a little further and pulled in the driveway to the 77 acres. May I open the gate for a tour for YOU?

Click to see all the photos Custom Home with 77 Acres of Views.

On the way up the mountain, we stopped at Palomar Homestead. So gorgeous out with the sun sparkling on the snow. Can you believe that view from the house? It was amazing seeing Point Loma, the San Diego Skyline and Coronado Islands out there. Click for all the photos and a snow tour.

Next stop was Mountain Rose. Isn’t this the perfect snow ever?! A fun hike around the property is waiting for you here, too. Photo Tour and snow pix at Mountain Rose

Cabin-in-the-Woods is tucked away off Bailey Meadow Road. So charming and lots of snow pix added here, too. Click to see what is waiting for you at Cabin-in-the-Snow, today!

We got home to the phone ringing. An agent in Valley Center has a couple pre-approved buyers for Palomar cabins and asked to video my listings for her out of state clients. Sure, come on up! So, my cowboy side-kick took off with my keys, built a fire for us and turned on all the lights. A little while later I was back at the three listings so naturally had to take even more photos for you.

Who would like to join us for our Four Seasons of Fun on the mountain top? Your first stop is here to peek at some maps and to pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, or a favorite tea to take along on our little tour.

Always glad to open the doors and if the cowboy is around , he’ll get a nice fire going for us.

Bonnie Phelps, Lovin’ Life as your Four Season Realtor

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